Warranty Policy Acro RMA

  1. Acro Engineering Company (Or AEC) reserves the right to deny warranty for any or its products if the following conditions are not met:
    • The product is out of its mentioned warranty period.
    • The customer is unable to present a valid invoice (Or Valid Proof of Purchase).
    • The product is tampered with or is physically damaged.
    • If the customer is unable to present the serial number or the serial number of the product is indistinguishable due to tampering or improper usage.
    • The customer fails to provide complete details as mentioned mandatory on the Acro RMA registration form.
    • The Product purchased by the customer is not from the authorised reseller.
    • The product should be purchased in India, there’s no international warranty.
  2. Products send for warranty claim should be sent with all the original accessories it came with like wires, charging dock etc, failure to do so will result in rejection of claim. Acro Engineering reserves the right to final decision.
  3. The customer cannot avail warranty for the product without registering on the website www.acrorma.com. The customer must provide valid details for the respective fields on the registration form.
  4. The customer must ship the defective product within the fifteen (15) days of registering the RMA claim; otherwise the claim will be scrapped and need to apply again.
  5. The customer is liable to dispatch the product to the RMA office on his/her expense and risk. If the product is damaged or lost while in transit from the customer to AEC’s RMA office, AEC will not be responsible.
  6. AEC will not entertain any requests for refunds.
  7. AEC may use refurbished parts and/or components when repairing or replacing a defective product.
  8. RMA Support Team shall reserve to right to final decision for all potential warranty claims for service and replacement or same colour preference (depending upon stock availability).
  9. Repair or replacement under warranty does not provide right to extension or renewal of the warranty period.
  10. The repaired/replacement product will shipped only to the registered address of the customer i.e. address entered in the required address field while registering for the RMA claim will be used for reference for RMA returns.
  11. If the customer fails to respond within 1 month of the RMA centre receiving the product, the product in question will be sent to junk or returned to the registered address of the customer.
  12. If there are any defects in the product received by the customer from AEC’s RMA office, the customer must inform the AEC by email or call within 24 hours of receiving the product. Else, the claim will be considered as invalid.
  13. Lack of satisfaction will not be considered as grounds to avail warranty.
  14. Product warranty does not cover any or all accessories that come with the product.