Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to claim warranty?

For all Acro products, you can register at to start your claim registration process.

2. How to register?

To register, you simply need to fill out some basic details such as your name, email and your contact number.

3. Details required while registering?

After your registration is completed, you will need to fill out your address details followed by a product detail form. With that you will also need to upload the purchase invoice and the serial no of the product in question.

4. What covers under warranty?

Any malfunctions that are caused due to manufacturing defects is covered under the warranty.

5. What if product out of warranty or physical damage?

If the product is out of warranty, the RMA claim will not be accepted. If the product is physically damages, the warranty will be voided and RMA services will be rescinded.

6. How much time does it take? For acceptance/ replacement

If all submitted information is correct and in proper order, The RMA acceptance will not take more than 24 working hours for web based RMA claims. Likewise, the testing and replacement for products submitted through Web RMA claims should note take more than 48 working hours (after receiving the product) for the repaired or replaced product to be dispatched.

7. How to courier?

Once your RMA claim has been accepted and you cannot personally come to the service centre to get your product serviced, you will need to courier your product to us. With the RMA acceptance email, you will be given a declaration from that you will have to fill out and attached with the product while sending it.

8. How to send product?

Electronic products are delicate instruments and hence need to be properly packed before shipping. We would recommend that you place the product in a box that is packed in such a way that it doesn’t not inflict any damage to the product on impact at any point.

9. How to fill Declaration form?

The declaration form already contains all required information regarding your RMA ticket. It’s primarily required to for official purposes and required by some courier services. You will only need to provide your signature in the field that mentions it.

10. What to send along with the product?

With along with the product, You are required to send your filled out declaration form so the RMA team can relate the product to your RMA claim. It is also preferred that you send the product safely encased in a box, preferably its original packaging to insure that the product is not damaged in transit.

11. Courier Charges?

For remote RMA support, you will have to bear the cost (expense) of shipping the product to us. Our RMA services will bear the cost of shipping the product back to you.