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Step 1

• All fields are mandatory.
• Check for the verification email in the inbox of the email that you have provided in the EMAIL field.
• Click on the link provided in the email to verify your account.
• Once you're redirected to your RMA Homepage, update the information and click on "Click to Claim RMA" button at the bottom of the form.
• Choose the correct product and fill in accurate details in the fields.
• Attach a soft/scanned copy of the product’s invoice in the ATTACH INVOICE field. (Only .png .jpg and .pdf files can be attached)
• It will take 24-48 hours for the acceptance of the claim.
• Check your mailbox for the claim acceptance email.

Step 2

• After acceptance of the claim, print and sign the declaration form for the courier service team and send the product to the service Centre for repair/replacement(Khasra no. 522/1, village Jaunapur, New Delhi-110047)bearing your expenses, however we will bear the expenses while delivering the product.
• Add your shipping details on Acro RMA portal, which includes the name of the courier company,Date of Dispatch and Tracking ID * Mandatory
• After we receive your product through the courier services, we will notify you through the mail and you can also check the status on your Acro RMA profile
• After checking the product for eligibility against the RMA claim (in case of physical damage, etc.) we will intimate you through mail and also update it in your RMA profile.
• After it gets accepted, we will process the product and ship it back to you.
• All the delivery details including the name of the courier company, dispatch date and Tracking ID will be sent to you over the mail.
• You can also check the shipping details on your RMA profile.
• In case the claim gets rejected, the product will be sent to you UNPROCESSED in the aforementioned.